Thursday, November 24, 2022

Trust Issues in America -Observations

 Before we can truly tackle the problem of climate change, we first have to address underlying issues that are needed to be resolved before we can be led to solutions really good solid, widespread solutions, and one of those is trust. Significant loss of trust in each other can only reflect back on the goals that we have, which include making the planet a better place to live now, and in the future. In America and some other countries, the breakdown of trust is evident in number of criminal incidents that occur in public, and that catch people by surprise are described as totally unexpected or described, as never thought it would happen here. The more such incidences,the more the trust between people break down. Climate activists nonetheless continue with the goal of lessening the dangerous effects of climate change even in this social climate in which we need more and more people on the street level to understand their contributions are needed as well. How trust of one another can be increased with the goal of listening effects of climate change will be the subject of future writings here. Hope everyone has a nice holiday however you celebrated you deserve it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Oceans Too Hot for Sealife-Observations

 In 2022 it’s still difficult for a very large number of people to imagine or consider oceans with a lot of sea life gone,  dead, or, extinct. But they need only think about the temperature of our cities in our towns and summers or when the heat reaches over 110°F and some people die from heat,  of heat stroke and other causes. If the oceans continue to warm over the decades, then sea life, fish, other sea creatures many of them will die from the heat because it’s just too hot for them. It’s really that simple. The things we do now to help the environment or what will make a big difference 20, 30,40 years from now. That’s why it seems like a climate emergency for a growing number of people. We don’t really have as much time is some of us think we do and more assertive action needs to be taken to slow the heating of the planet by slowing the use of carbon-based products, fossil fuels gases that dissipate into the air cause problems with the ozone layer cause problems on earth. I believe that more young people should consider careers as science engineers, climate engineers, people who study the climate and study the make up of the earth, the oceans the air, the atmosphere and try to find additional solutions to fixing this problem. Of course, having said all of this, we still know that the biggest burden is with multinational corporations with the big producers with big countries who are not slowing the use of these chemicals quickly enough who are not committing to doing so like they should. I like the idea of climate engineers, and would like to see this type of curriculum more prevalent not just in colleges, but even introduced in high schools this is definitely a subject that I will bring up again.

Turn Vehicles Off For a Moment of Silence-Observations

 Massive actions in which people do things together, or do something in conjunction with each other that is unusual, or even profound is a way to bring attention to a subject like climate change. For example, let’s say in New York City a certain day and time is decided in which everyone who is operating a vehicle will stop safely where they are, and turn their engines off for a full minute. This seems to be a type of concerted, action and effort that can help bring attention to climate change for people who may need a reminder or who are not completely aware of the dangers we face and to show the world and the people in the future that they do care, and we are trying to do things to remedy this serious issue . 

There are many other things people can do to show support for minimizing climate change. Let’s  brainstorm and come back here and share more ideas.

School Teachers as Ambassadors of Climate Change Awareness-Observations

if the study of climate change could be a major part of school curriculum, particularly in younger students, elementary,middle school ,high school this would convey back home to the adults of these children and put more awareness on the importance of understanding climate change, and the things that we can do to lessen that negative impact. One of the issues that school teachers would face, of course would be negative feedback from parents and adults, who have a non-sympathetic opinion to climate change or who even go so far as to believe that climate change is fake or a hoax or not true. This could cause repercussions for the school teachers, and so one of the questions becomes, are you willing to take this risk for the planet, for what you believe in and does this all fall under freedom of speech, at least in America. Of course in other countries it will be handled differently as far as school teachers are concerned, where some countries are more open to school curriculums that include climate change. currently in the year 2022 school curriculum is a contentious subject for teachers as we live in a age where there are books being banned again, and considerable feedback from parents who want to have a bigger input into what books are presented to their children and especially in some cases what books are not allowed. On a positive note, the subject of climate change is not as controversial as some of the other subjects that have been discussed and argued and banned, but nonetheless, there are still a significant number of people including adults, who are disagreeing, or fighting the notion of climate change. Perhaps if teachers can gently educate their students especially the younger ones, this can be conveyed back home. Children can ask their parents questions and maybe some of these parents will start to think more about the real future of our planet. I will have a lot more on this subject, on the subject of school teachers as ambassadors in the effort of understanding climate change, and doing things that lessen the impact of carbon, fossil fuels, gases,coal.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Distractions from Climate Change-Observations

 Imagine there’s one issue that most people should be focused on and trying to help, but there are other things going on in society in the world that take energy away from that cause. Let’s say that cause is climate change. Let’s say some of the distractions are politics, crime, financial issues, and other concerns that may be a result of those issues. Every day people are presented with news often of which is very tragic and consuming. Take for example mass shootings. All the concerns with guns and automatic weapons, long rifles, and proliferation of major shootings can be very  traumatic and time-consuming for millions of people —even people not directly affected by an incident. Because of these concerns, the energy that millions of activists,  other people are directing towards this is time and energy taken away from what could be a much bigger picture the condition of earth in the very near future the point being societies would need to be able to solve. These issues were which are really much more in their domain, much more in their control to solve than climate change, more energy ,more people,  more time , more effort could be dedicated to mitigating climate change.

Before we assign too much responsibility on individuals and society, we really need to consider the role of governments throughout the world. These governments first must be the entities to lead the way to help find ways to legislate towards the goal. With rare exception, these governments are failing. Notably in the Scandinavian countries, there seems to be more progression and more care within the governments to implement changes, to mitigate to help slow the deadly effects of climate change.

Shoreline Relocation Mitigation: an Observation

 One can’t help, but wonder if enough is being done now to plan for onshore, or near shore relocation of homes and businesses. It’s understood that some people don’t want to discuss this subject, especially perhaps people in real estate businesses people that feel like they would be economically sacrificed or harmed by discussions such as what are we going to do about all these houses and businesses that are right on the shore when there’s evidence that in 20 years or maybe less, maybe a little more, the ocean will move in further, and these homes will be at risk. During recent hurricanes, we’ve already seen homes basically falling into the ocean, and we haven’t even begun to see the extreme serious effects of rising oceans. Since flood could be considered to be more of a concern than wind, some building owners have redesigned their homes to lift them up to be able to withstand significant flooding. People who choose to remain on the beach, should consider such measures. But one day even those measures may not work and so hopefully engineers, architects, civil authorities -  others, are thinking about the future and thinking about what could very likely happen. Where will these these dwellings and other buildings be relocated. Even if these efforts were to begin, imagine the time it takes to plan and orchestrate, and to fulfill such a massive project. The effects of climate change are already occurring, especially in some developing and third world countries. 

Burning Residential Trash-An Observation

 I noticed there are some people who like to burn straw and leaves residential yard debris even when they have a local service that will pick it up on a by monthly or every other week basis. Even in locations, where a pick up service offered by the town or the county or the state it’s not available we still need to find ways to dispose of yard debris, and to minimize burning in our cities and towns and country sides. 

One solution could be a network where people who need straw and leaves who live in areas where there are not as many trees, but they still need mulch or they need the cover of straw leaves on their property who could pick up this debris free of charge and therefore the resident will not have to burn the debris. So this effort or this solution is tied to communication and building networks in which people can convey quickly what they have and what others could want that would help the environment.

There are so many things so many projects that we can do and continue to build so that the burden of solving or slowing climate change does not rest completely on corporations, large nonprofits and major entities who are working in this effort. We need to bring individuals into this mix and by the millions and millions so that hopefully soon it will be intertwined in our daily lives and we all understand without having to say climate change what it is we’re doing and the reason why. 

A Carbon Footprint-Observations

 No telling what you will be calling it 50 years from now, but here in 2022 we still refer to our impact on the environment as far as all climate change is concerned as a carbon footprint. It seems inevitable that over time the importance of each individuals carbon footprint will be even more important, and that there would be ways to track everybody’s footprint with more precision than is done today. if it’s only fair that I share my own disclaimer, I’m not some perfect person making a blog about climate change who is free of the footprint.

 Currently , in November 2022 I own two  gas operated cars  I don’t drive them very much hmmmm but I do have those. I ordered an electric vehicle almost 4 years ago , the president of that company is behind on production and is also involved in other extremely large projects. I’m not sure how much this affects the production of the vehicle that I ordered but I’m patiently waiting and if that one doesn’t come through I may have to order a different one. 

I own my home and I do not use gas of any type not even natural gas it’s all electric. I live under a forest of trees and sort of in the woods but it’s in the city and it’s not really conducive for me right now to put solar panels on my roof but it is something I thought about and would be interested in utilizing solar power  as it becomes more available to residents and the technology improves.

I have a little greenhouse and I have little garden, on my property. I’m very into planting herbs and vegetables. I have quite a few herbs and I plant trees on my property as well. I try to plant trees that can yield fruit you know, and also provide shade and be helpful to my neighborhood and the environment. I try to daily to consider my impact on the environment in any way that might be detrimental to the greenhouse, gases are fossil fuels, or carbon pollution. 

I believe the more individuals, the more people that we can get to be conscious of their footprint that we can continue to make more progress on slowing of the damages that are being caused by climate change. I noticed there is progress being made with electric vehicles in particular, the US Postal Service united parcel service are, have actually put electric vehicles in their fleet. All these still have a ways to go. I believe the US Postal Service is in about 50% electric across the country and I believe that governments and large companies need to continue to set an example for making the switch to cleaner vehicles and processes. 

Carbon footprint is something that I will be bringing up frequently and hope to maybe in some way contribute to tracking individual and entity carbon footprints as others are doing and to utilize it in a way that will be a positive for the environment.

Climate Activists/Observations

 By 2022 climate activism was in full swing, but probably still far off the mark that it needed to be to make really quick and significant change. A young Swedish girl named Greta has gained a lot of attention, and her actions and her stance on climate change, including organizing other school students across the world and strikes, and other forms of peaceful  demonstrations, to attract attention to the issue. This type of activism seems on the right track and pointing to the fact that it’s a young person, and a very young person, and that many of these young people do not feel, do not think that adults, that enough adults are stepping up to address the urgency that these young people see. Other forms of climate activism do not seem to be as affective, for example, throwing food or paint on famous paintings while it does garner some attention it’s not clear how this is going to affect change, or to bring more people around to understanding the emergency of climate change, and therefore of reassessing their own positions on the subject, and perhaps helping to solve the problems.

It’s clear there needs to be a lot more activism on broader scales, more participation by schools and students more freedom of expression on that subject to bring even greater attention to it and perhaps affect quicker change. 

It almost seems like an impossible task to convince oil producing countries , coal producing countries to change the way they produce energy. Unless their pocket books are suffered it doesn’t seem like they will be motivated to make change or any significant change. There’s still a lot to be done and the question that remains is will it be?

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Climate Conferences, an Observation

 There was just a climate conference in Egypt COP 27. I didn’t go, but I’ve got some information about what happened. There was a big push for developed countries, rich countries, to help financially, developing countries with their battles against climate change. One example was Pakistan who recently suffered historic, very historic flooding and devastation. There was some sort of agreement, but the people who were fighting for it had to put up a very ferocious fight to get some commitment to compensation for these developing countries. It’s been reported that China who as no surprise is the biggest emitter of poisons that are destroying the planet, shied away from committing to very much including committing to helping developing nations. Arab oil producing countries did not do very well at the conference either and this has been understood in previous postings here and basically almost common knowledge throughout this whole area of interest countries that have great reliability on oil are still putting up a big fight, though diplomatically, against stopping their productions.The United States is the second worst country for climate pollution, and the commitments made by the USA are still short of what’s needed. Climate envoy John Kerry, it is said, left the conference believing there was progress, while some others believe we should just prepare for the inevitable for the temperature of the earth to rise for sea levels to rise for more catastrophic weather events, and primarily the worst flooding around the world. It can be fairly said that there was not enough commitment at the COP 27 conference and ever since the very beginning of the Paris Accordord, the Paris Agreement not enough progress has been made to truly feel confident that global warming, that climate change will be controlled and harnessed to the point that it will minimize catastrophic damage to earth. it would only follow that if organizations and on boys and politicians and professionals whom the public around the world rely on to represent them, and these negotiations, that the solution may lie with the people themselves in mass to come together, and to insist that there be significant agreements, significant changes made regarding the emissions of coal,natural gas, fossil fuels, things that are causing great harm to the planet.

Klimatechange.com_Observations of Care

 During this time, during this critical opportunity to change the world for the better we had to consider how do we get each other, how do we get people to care enough for people in the future for people who will live on this planet when we are gone how do we do that? 

The easiest most obvious way is to point out to grandparents and parents and other older people are people with younger relatives especially like say grandparents with grandchildren all right you know you’re going to be gone your child’s going be here. They’re going to have children their children are going to have children—do you care enough about the planet and the condition it’s left in for your offspring to recognize the signals that we’re getting now about our planet changing due to fossil fuels another human generated activity that is causing harm to the planet and doesn’t have to because we can use other forms of energy? 

So this turns back to the point that the big things that we wanted to that we want politicians and leaders to do can’t really successfully be done without the small people without the every day people and important individuals and organizations to get across to everyone possible that we do need to look much closer at future humanity, and what we’re leaving behind .

This subject, I will give a lot more thought and respond.

KlimateChange.com_Observations on Consideration

 If you’re looking back on this now, you have to consider human consideration. Basically there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are considerate, and those who are not. And there are those people who are in between: sometimes considerate, and sometimes not. But in relation to climate and climate change, you look at a persons view on consideration of others. It could be something simple like them being at a red light where other people behind them could turn to the right if they pulled up a little bit, but they don’t this can be further displayed. If the person behind them politely sounds their horn just in case the person wasn’t thinking, but the vehicle remains in place the person is not going to pull up. They’re going to stand their ground. They are not going to be considerate of the people behind them .

Imagine this person’s view on climate change or the well-being of the planet. In general, we would not expect such a person if they do this kind of behavior frequently to be someone sympathetic of helping the planet to heal from climate change.

People who hold the door open for others, are considerate.

People who let others go first are considerate.

People who consistently break line are not considerate.

Having said this, it’s clear that in this time that we live first, we must face the challenge of changing peoples attitudes on the small level before we can get them to understand the big picture of climate change, and for them to care about what happens to the planet in 20 or 30 years or later.


Saturday, November 19, 2022 Heat Index Records

How hot does it have to get before more people scratch their heads and say out-loud maybe there is something to this climate change? Much hotter I am afraid. And it's "human nature" for people not to be moved into action on many points, unless they are directly affected. Think of the parent who lost a child to drug addition. This loss may spur them into concerted action to generate a significant amount of attention on to the issue of drug addiction. Even if they knew their child was addicted to drugs prior to the child's death, it would be rare for them to start a crusade against drugs. 

This is exactly how reaction to climate change works. There was a saying during this time period 'out of sight, out of mind.' Unfortunately, this is true for too many people.  We have to consider all the reactions and the reasons behind them.  How an individual views life as whole, contributes to their view on climate change.  The problem is during this current period there are far, far too many people whose personal views on life - and death - contribute to unhealthy responses to the fact the very planet upon which they live, is in danger of actually being partially destroyed because of the collective actions of human beings. 

There are a wide variety of views. There are people who wish to leave the dangers to the planet in the hands of a higher being.  This view is further supported in their mind by their belief of their future after Earth. If one believes that Earth is just a waiting place for another future, then one may not be so inclined to be concerned at a heightened level, on the future of the planet.  And the same is true for just the opposite - for some people who have no hope or belief of an afterlife, and see themselves just struggling to maintain this one life. They may see themselves as so insignificant in a role as a game changer as to not even consider taking any significant stand for or against  climate change. In fact, they have many other interests, goals, issues, concerns, struggles on a personal and sometimes family level, to be concerned or involved in a giant discussion about the climate negatively changing on Earth because of the actions of human beings. And then we're all going to die anyway, right? 

It seems one of the keys to possibly slowing climate change to a point it will possibly greatly minimize the damage that has already begun, lies in changing people - changing the way billions of them think. As of today, we do not have any takers. 

KlimateChange Observations on drivers use of fuel

What if millions of drivers started turning off their engines during prolonged periods of idleness? Could this help climate change? It seems it could help in a small but still significant way. Consider all the delivery drivers who leave their diesel-fueled engines running for long periods of time. These may be drivers who do not have refrigerated or climate-controlled cargo, who could turn off the engine while they wait at the loading dock or where-ever they are. Regular drivers often do the same thing - park but leave their engine running. Sometimes there is a good reason to leave it running, such as outside temperature or weather. But often there is no good reason to do it. They could turn it off. Not only would they be saving themselves a little money, they would be in a small but still significant way, helping the planet. This is something worth exploring. Expect other entries here on this subject. 

Climate Change

KlimateChange.com_ Observations: There were good souls who decided we could tree plant our way out of this crisis. Well, to be fair, they believed this process would help, and it makes sense that it would. However, the measure of this good was rather low on the scale when sized up against modern industrial processes such as large-scale coal burning and the continued proliferation of oil pipe lines. We were up against generations of oil families and companies. One can even see their side of this: we urged and depended on them to produce the energy we needed to live our modern lives. Then one day millions of us said we don't want your oil anymore. Yes, we still have to use it to a large extent, but we want change. We want to explore new types of energy. People began to speak of clean energy. Clean energy? Who would have uttered such a term 50 years ago? Not many if any. Planting lots more trees is also a tricky business. More trees, more that can topple during storms, more that can burn in fires. People in lesser developed countries have to stay warm in the winter. While many of these people care about the environment, they were not in positions to make change. You first have to be stable financially and socially. Hundreds of millions of people live in poverty - perhaps as many as 700 million - perhaps more. The world population was just said to have reached 8 billion this month. Population growth is really not controlled. Of course more people translates to higher energy needs. We live in a time when conspiracy theories abound. There are educated people who believe the world is flat, that man did not go to the moon and that school shootings are fictional. There are people who believe climate change is a liberal plot. It's not clear what such a plot would gain anyone, since it's about the weather and most everyone wants good, stable weather. At this particular time in history, we are at a crossroads. There is greatly increased effort to slow down climate change, with many pointing to a window of opportunity that will likely close in the next decade or so. What this means is if we didn't do anything in the next 10 or 20 years, and you are reading this, you are likely very displeased with basically all of us. You may look at us as one generation who as a whole, failed. And you may be right.


KlimateChange Observations_3 Millions of people search for solutions. The realities though, cannot be denied. the most industrialized countries must implement more significant change. Government entities must switch transportation vehicles to electric. For example, the U.S. Postal Service. These are vehicles on the road every day, all over the country. Not only would this be a positive for the environment, it would set an example to other agencies and private industry. One of the biggest hurdles we faced in this period, was the extreme slowness of processes to obtain approval for projects. If these projects could be deemed an emergency, and be fast-tracked to approval, this would help in the war against a more severe result of worsening climate. Politicians need to take more responsibility. They should stop acting like we've got 20 or 30 more years to fix this.


This is a log on climate change being left for those in the future, after all here now have passed due to natural causes and the other reasons. You may want to understand the thinking of this time, and why as a result you are suffering effects of climate change that could have been thwarted. The other climate that must be considered is the political climate of our time. I don't know if it can be said to be uncanny, or which adjective to use, but in this time almost the entire world - the whole developed planet - was almost equally divided between two main vessels of thought. The easiest way to describe the divide: Conservative and Liberal. It can definitely be simplified and generalized by saying most conservative people did not accept or did not understand climate change. Most liberal people accepted there was climate change. But do understand: a small but significant number of conservatives understood and accepted there was climate change, and a small number of liberals did not accept climate change. This constant political divide across the world was a major factor in delaying needed action to slow the effects of human generated climate change. As of today, November 19, 2022, the world still awaits a catastrophic event that could cause a massive change of mind across the conservative divide.


November 19, 2022 - These are observations for those in the future to consider, long after everyone here now has passed from old age and the other reasons. You may be here to try and obtain more understanding on exactly occurred in this current time period, to thwart progress with slowing the dangerous effects of human-caused climate change. Here is a simple example. Imagine a kid starting a lemonade stand business. He is very resourceful, and with money he saved cutting grass and allowance he received from his family, he invested all of it into a lemonade stand business. Of course he started with his own lemonade stand, but his plan was much grander. He helped other kids in the area start their own stands. He gave them some start-up money, and for a commission they could use his branded name, his secret recipe for the best lemonade ever, and his help promoting their stands on and offline. Soon, business was booming. He was making more money than he ever imagined. It wasn't long before he was basically rich. He expanded his business by offering franchises throughout America, and in a few years all over the world. No one did lemonade better than him, and no one before him had successfully promoted lemonade and lemonade stands with his gusto and success. Thousands of boys and girls across the world were making a good living selling lemonade. Then one day a scientist wrote an article in a famous journal. At first the article did not attract any attention outside the scientific community. Then, one day the article stated appearing in major newspapers and magazines. Then it went viral on social media: Lemonade is Dangerous. The Very Sour Facts about Lemonade. Boy overdoses on Lemonade. A Chemical in Lemonade Can Kill You. Let's just say it became a fact lemonade was bad for you. What do we think the lemonade entrepreneur did? Did he close down his lemonade business and send emails of apologies to his franchisees? Did all the kids who invested in lemonade stands and were now making a good living from their lemonade business, throw in the towel? No. They revolted. They denied the claims about lemonade. All but a small handful claimed this was fake news and they would never accept such accusations against lemonade. Now, take the above example and transpose it to fossil fuel. Now you understand a big part of what happened.


November 19, 2022 - Entries and observations on climate change. This is a climate change earth log for humans in the future, when all of us here now are gone, to review. This is the project of one individual, a writer. November 19, 2022 - I woke up this morning with this. What if, 50 years from now, a woman writes an open letter to her grandmother, whom as a child she affectionally called Nana. Dear Nana, I know you loved me with all of your heart. You doted on me each and every second you saw me. You showered me with gifts, and trips to the park and beach. Those were wonderful early years which of course passed quickly. Soon I was the young girl no longer a child, and my mind was bursting with the energy of inquisitiveness. You were delighted to be my guide, my teacher, and help me discover the answers to nature's secrets, to the world of humanity. But one day, Nana, a day I can never forget, we were watching what was then called TV, and there was a news story about a hurricane that was the strongest ever in recorded history. It came upon a U.S. shore and left a destruction never before seen. Thousands of people perished. I remember the news commentator closed his new report with a statement that was both simple and powerful: "Who now can deny climate change?" he asked rhetorically. And I remember what you said: "Me." I was only 7 years old and of course not well-versed on the subject. But I looked up at you and said "Really?" I think back now that it was more of a question than a statement. I was eager to know why you said what you did. You looked at me and said "Climate change is fake. There is no climate change." Well dear Nana, we know now with absolute certainty, you were wrong. I wished you could see now, what was left behind after you passed. I can only think that if millions of people who thought as you did, had thought otherwise, if perhaps the dangers and results of climate change could have been significantly altered. Nana, my grandchildren can't go to the beach any time like you and I did. There are days when it is so hot they cannot go outside - at all. The beach you used to take me? Let's just say it grew - expanded inland 15 miles. You wouldn't know this term but humans now often have to wear over-hoods to breath outside. Many of the forests you once enjoyed so much - scorched to the ground. We finally got rid of gasoline powered cars. We harnessed energy from the wind and sun in a way many people from your time could not imagine. We are trying to heal the planet, but some of the damage done is irreversible. We can't bring back wiped out species of fish and birds. Much of the chirping you and I relished in the parks, is no more. If only you could have seen the truth, could have thought not just of me as a small child upon whom you could dote, but a child who would become an adult who would need a strong support system from our planet- as a child who one day herself would have children, who one day would also be called Nana by her grandchildren. But you were not alone in your belief. Millions of other people thought as you did. They each have a piece of the responsibility for what resulted from their view.

The 30-Years from Now Observations

In terms of climate change discussions and data you may have noticed there are a number of 30-years from now comparisons, scenarios, predict...