Monday, November 21, 2022

A Carbon Footprint-Observations

 No telling what you will be calling it 50 years from now, but here in 2022 we still refer to our impact on the environment as far as all climate change is concerned as a carbon footprint. It seems inevitable that over time the importance of each individuals carbon footprint will be even more important, and that there would be ways to track everybody’s footprint with more precision than is done today. if it’s only fair that I share my own disclaimer, I’m not some perfect person making a blog about climate change who is free of the footprint.

 Currently , in November 2022 I own two  gas operated cars  I don’t drive them very much hmmmm but I do have those. I ordered an electric vehicle almost 4 years ago , the president of that company is behind on production and is also involved in other extremely large projects. I’m not sure how much this affects the production of the vehicle that I ordered but I’m patiently waiting and if that one doesn’t come through I may have to order a different one. 

I own my home and I do not use gas of any type not even natural gas it’s all electric. I live under a forest of trees and sort of in the woods but it’s in the city and it’s not really conducive for me right now to put solar panels on my roof but it is something I thought about and would be interested in utilizing solar power  as it becomes more available to residents and the technology improves.

I have a little greenhouse and I have little garden, on my property. I’m very into planting herbs and vegetables. I have quite a few herbs and I plant trees on my property as well. I try to plant trees that can yield fruit you know, and also provide shade and be helpful to my neighborhood and the environment. I try to daily to consider my impact on the environment in any way that might be detrimental to the greenhouse, gases are fossil fuels, or carbon pollution. 

I believe the more individuals, the more people that we can get to be conscious of their footprint that we can continue to make more progress on slowing of the damages that are being caused by climate change. I noticed there is progress being made with electric vehicles in particular, the US Postal Service united parcel service are, have actually put electric vehicles in their fleet. All these still have a ways to go. I believe the US Postal Service is in about 50% electric across the country and I believe that governments and large companies need to continue to set an example for making the switch to cleaner vehicles and processes. 

Carbon footprint is something that I will be bringing up frequently and hope to maybe in some way contribute to tracking individual and entity carbon footprints as others are doing and to utilize it in a way that will be a positive for the environment.

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