Monday, November 21, 2022

Burning Residential Trash-An Observation

 I noticed there are some people who like to burn straw and leaves residential yard debris even when they have a local service that will pick it up on a by monthly or every other week basis. Even in locations, where a pick up service offered by the town or the county or the state it’s not available we still need to find ways to dispose of yard debris, and to minimize burning in our cities and towns and country sides. 

One solution could be a network where people who need straw and leaves who live in areas where there are not as many trees, but they still need mulch or they need the cover of straw leaves on their property who could pick up this debris free of charge and therefore the resident will not have to burn the debris. So this effort or this solution is tied to communication and building networks in which people can convey quickly what they have and what others could want that would help the environment.

There are so many things so many projects that we can do and continue to build so that the burden of solving or slowing climate change does not rest completely on corporations, large nonprofits and major entities who are working in this effort. We need to bring individuals into this mix and by the millions and millions so that hopefully soon it will be intertwined in our daily lives and we all understand without having to say climate change what it is we’re doing and the reason why. 

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