Monday, November 21, 2022

Climate Activists/Observations

 By 2022 climate activism was in full swing, but probably still far off the mark that it needed to be to make really quick and significant change. A young Swedish girl named Greta has gained a lot of attention, and her actions and her stance on climate change, including organizing other school students across the world and strikes, and other forms of peaceful  demonstrations, to attract attention to the issue. This type of activism seems on the right track and pointing to the fact that it’s a young person, and a very young person, and that many of these young people do not feel, do not think that adults, that enough adults are stepping up to address the urgency that these young people see. Other forms of climate activism do not seem to be as affective, for example, throwing food or paint on famous paintings while it does garner some attention it’s not clear how this is going to affect change, or to bring more people around to understanding the emergency of climate change, and therefore of reassessing their own positions on the subject, and perhaps helping to solve the problems.

It’s clear there needs to be a lot more activism on broader scales, more participation by schools and students more freedom of expression on that subject to bring even greater attention to it and perhaps affect quicker change. 

It almost seems like an impossible task to convince oil producing countries , coal producing countries to change the way they produce energy. Unless their pocket books are suffered it doesn’t seem like they will be motivated to make change or any significant change. There’s still a lot to be done and the question that remains is will it be?

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