Sunday, November 20, 2022

Climate Conferences, an Observation

 There was just a climate conference in Egypt COP 27. I didn’t go, but I’ve got some information about what happened. There was a big push for developed countries, rich countries, to help financially, developing countries with their battles against climate change. One example was Pakistan who recently suffered historic, very historic flooding and devastation. There was some sort of agreement, but the people who were fighting for it had to put up a very ferocious fight to get some commitment to compensation for these developing countries. It’s been reported that China who as no surprise is the biggest emitter of poisons that are destroying the planet, shied away from committing to very much including committing to helping developing nations. Arab oil producing countries did not do very well at the conference either and this has been understood in previous postings here and basically almost common knowledge throughout this whole area of interest countries that have great reliability on oil are still putting up a big fight, though diplomatically, against stopping their productions.The United States is the second worst country for climate pollution, and the commitments made by the USA are still short of what’s needed. Climate envoy John Kerry, it is said, left the conference believing there was progress, while some others believe we should just prepare for the inevitable for the temperature of the earth to rise for sea levels to rise for more catastrophic weather events, and primarily the worst flooding around the world. It can be fairly said that there was not enough commitment at the COP 27 conference and ever since the very beginning of the Paris Accordord, the Paris Agreement not enough progress has been made to truly feel confident that global warming, that climate change will be controlled and harnessed to the point that it will minimize catastrophic damage to earth. it would only follow that if organizations and on boys and politicians and professionals whom the public around the world rely on to represent them, and these negotiations, that the solution may lie with the people themselves in mass to come together, and to insist that there be significant agreements, significant changes made regarding the emissions of coal,natural gas, fossil fuels, things that are causing great harm to the planet.

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