Monday, November 21, 2022

Distractions from Climate Change-Observations

 Imagine there’s one issue that most people should be focused on and trying to help, but there are other things going on in society in the world that take energy away from that cause. Let’s say that cause is climate change. Let’s say some of the distractions are politics, crime, financial issues, and other concerns that may be a result of those issues. Every day people are presented with news often of which is very tragic and consuming. Take for example mass shootings. All the concerns with guns and automatic weapons, long rifles, and proliferation of major shootings can be very  traumatic and time-consuming for millions of people —even people not directly affected by an incident. Because of these concerns, the energy that millions of activists,  other people are directing towards this is time and energy taken away from what could be a much bigger picture the condition of earth in the very near future the point being societies would need to be able to solve. These issues were which are really much more in their domain, much more in their control to solve than climate change, more energy ,more people,  more time , more effort could be dedicated to mitigating climate change.

Before we assign too much responsibility on individuals and society, we really need to consider the role of governments throughout the world. These governments first must be the entities to lead the way to help find ways to legislate towards the goal. With rare exception, these governments are failing. Notably in the Scandinavian countries, there seems to be more progression and more care within the governments to implement changes, to mitigate to help slow the deadly effects of climate change.

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