Saturday, November 19, 2022

KlimateChange Observations on drivers use of fuel

What if millions of drivers started turning off their engines during prolonged periods of idleness? Could this help climate change? It seems it could help in a small but still significant way. Consider all the delivery drivers who leave their diesel-fueled engines running for long periods of time. These may be drivers who do not have refrigerated or climate-controlled cargo, who could turn off the engine while they wait at the loading dock or where-ever they are. Regular drivers often do the same thing - park but leave their engine running. Sometimes there is a good reason to leave it running, such as outside temperature or weather. But often there is no good reason to do it. They could turn it off. Not only would they be saving themselves a little money, they would be in a small but still significant way, helping the planet. This is something worth exploring. Expect other entries here on this subject. 

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