Saturday, November 19, 2022 Heat Index Records

How hot does it have to get before more people scratch their heads and say out-loud maybe there is something to this climate change? Much hotter I am afraid. And it's "human nature" for people not to be moved into action on many points, unless they are directly affected. Think of the parent who lost a child to drug addition. This loss may spur them into concerted action to generate a significant amount of attention on to the issue of drug addiction. Even if they knew their child was addicted to drugs prior to the child's death, it would be rare for them to start a crusade against drugs. 

This is exactly how reaction to climate change works. There was a saying during this time period 'out of sight, out of mind.' Unfortunately, this is true for too many people.  We have to consider all the reactions and the reasons behind them.  How an individual views life as whole, contributes to their view on climate change.  The problem is during this current period there are far, far too many people whose personal views on life - and death - contribute to unhealthy responses to the fact the very planet upon which they live, is in danger of actually being partially destroyed because of the collective actions of human beings. 

There are a wide variety of views. There are people who wish to leave the dangers to the planet in the hands of a higher being.  This view is further supported in their mind by their belief of their future after Earth. If one believes that Earth is just a waiting place for another future, then one may not be so inclined to be concerned at a heightened level, on the future of the planet.  And the same is true for just the opposite - for some people who have no hope or belief of an afterlife, and see themselves just struggling to maintain this one life. They may see themselves as so insignificant in a role as a game changer as to not even consider taking any significant stand for or against  climate change. In fact, they have many other interests, goals, issues, concerns, struggles on a personal and sometimes family level, to be concerned or involved in a giant discussion about the climate negatively changing on Earth because of the actions of human beings. And then we're all going to die anyway, right? 

It seems one of the keys to possibly slowing climate change to a point it will possibly greatly minimize the damage that has already begun, lies in changing people - changing the way billions of them think. As of today, we do not have any takers. 

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