Sunday, November 20, 2022

Klimatechange.com_Observations of Care

 During this time, during this critical opportunity to change the world for the better we had to consider how do we get each other, how do we get people to care enough for people in the future for people who will live on this planet when we are gone how do we do that? 

The easiest most obvious way is to point out to grandparents and parents and other older people are people with younger relatives especially like say grandparents with grandchildren all right you know you’re going to be gone your child’s going be here. They’re going to have children their children are going to have children—do you care enough about the planet and the condition it’s left in for your offspring to recognize the signals that we’re getting now about our planet changing due to fossil fuels another human generated activity that is causing harm to the planet and doesn’t have to because we can use other forms of energy? 

So this turns back to the point that the big things that we wanted to that we want politicians and leaders to do can’t really successfully be done without the small people without the every day people and important individuals and organizations to get across to everyone possible that we do need to look much closer at future humanity, and what we’re leaving behind .

This subject, I will give a lot more thought and respond.

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