Sunday, November 20, 2022

KlimateChange.com_Observations on Consideration

 If you’re looking back on this now, you have to consider human consideration. Basically there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are considerate, and those who are not. And there are those people who are in between: sometimes considerate, and sometimes not. But in relation to climate and climate change, you look at a persons view on consideration of others. It could be something simple like them being at a red light where other people behind them could turn to the right if they pulled up a little bit, but they don’t this can be further displayed. If the person behind them politely sounds their horn just in case the person wasn’t thinking, but the vehicle remains in place the person is not going to pull up. They’re going to stand their ground. They are not going to be considerate of the people behind them .

Imagine this person’s view on climate change or the well-being of the planet. In general, we would not expect such a person if they do this kind of behavior frequently to be someone sympathetic of helping the planet to heal from climate change.

People who hold the door open for others, are considerate.

People who let others go first are considerate.

People who consistently break line are not considerate.

Having said this, it’s clear that in this time that we live first, we must face the challenge of changing peoples attitudes on the small level before we can get them to understand the big picture of climate change, and for them to care about what happens to the planet in 20 or 30 years or later.


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