Saturday, November 19, 2022


November 19, 2022 - These are observations for those in the future to consider, long after everyone here now has passed from old age and the other reasons. You may be here to try and obtain more understanding on exactly occurred in this current time period, to thwart progress with slowing the dangerous effects of human-caused climate change. Here is a simple example. Imagine a kid starting a lemonade stand business. He is very resourceful, and with money he saved cutting grass and allowance he received from his family, he invested all of it into a lemonade stand business. Of course he started with his own lemonade stand, but his plan was much grander. He helped other kids in the area start their own stands. He gave them some start-up money, and for a commission they could use his branded name, his secret recipe for the best lemonade ever, and his help promoting their stands on and offline. Soon, business was booming. He was making more money than he ever imagined. It wasn't long before he was basically rich. He expanded his business by offering franchises throughout America, and in a few years all over the world. No one did lemonade better than him, and no one before him had successfully promoted lemonade and lemonade stands with his gusto and success. Thousands of boys and girls across the world were making a good living selling lemonade. Then one day a scientist wrote an article in a famous journal. At first the article did not attract any attention outside the scientific community. Then, one day the article stated appearing in major newspapers and magazines. Then it went viral on social media: Lemonade is Dangerous. The Very Sour Facts about Lemonade. Boy overdoses on Lemonade. A Chemical in Lemonade Can Kill You. Let's just say it became a fact lemonade was bad for you. What do we think the lemonade entrepreneur did? Did he close down his lemonade business and send emails of apologies to his franchisees? Did all the kids who invested in lemonade stands and were now making a good living from their lemonade business, throw in the towel? No. They revolted. They denied the claims about lemonade. All but a small handful claimed this was fake news and they would never accept such accusations against lemonade. Now, take the above example and transpose it to fossil fuel. Now you understand a big part of what happened.

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