Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Oceans Too Hot for Sealife-Observations

 In 2022 it’s still difficult for a very large number of people to imagine or consider oceans with a lot of sea life gone,  dead, or, extinct. But they need only think about the temperature of our cities in our towns and summers or when the heat reaches over 110°F and some people die from heat,  of heat stroke and other causes. If the oceans continue to warm over the decades, then sea life, fish, other sea creatures many of them will die from the heat because it’s just too hot for them. It’s really that simple. The things we do now to help the environment or what will make a big difference 20, 30,40 years from now. That’s why it seems like a climate emergency for a growing number of people. We don’t really have as much time is some of us think we do and more assertive action needs to be taken to slow the heating of the planet by slowing the use of carbon-based products, fossil fuels gases that dissipate into the air cause problems with the ozone layer cause problems on earth. I believe that more young people should consider careers as science engineers, climate engineers, people who study the climate and study the make up of the earth, the oceans the air, the atmosphere and try to find additional solutions to fixing this problem. Of course, having said all of this, we still know that the biggest burden is with multinational corporations with the big producers with big countries who are not slowing the use of these chemicals quickly enough who are not committing to doing so like they should. I like the idea of climate engineers, and would like to see this type of curriculum more prevalent not just in colleges, but even introduced in high schools this is definitely a subject that I will bring up again.

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