Tuesday, November 22, 2022

School Teachers as Ambassadors of Climate Change Awareness-Observations

if the study of climate change could be a major part of school curriculum, particularly in younger students, elementary,middle school ,high school this would convey back home to the adults of these children and put more awareness on the importance of understanding climate change, and the things that we can do to lessen that negative impact. One of the issues that school teachers would face, of course would be negative feedback from parents and adults, who have a non-sympathetic opinion to climate change or who even go so far as to believe that climate change is fake or a hoax or not true. This could cause repercussions for the school teachers, and so one of the questions becomes, are you willing to take this risk for the planet, for what you believe in and does this all fall under freedom of speech, at least in America. Of course in other countries it will be handled differently as far as school teachers are concerned, where some countries are more open to school curriculums that include climate change. currently in the year 2022 school curriculum is a contentious subject for teachers as we live in a age where there are books being banned again, and considerable feedback from parents who want to have a bigger input into what books are presented to their children and especially in some cases what books are not allowed. On a positive note, the subject of climate change is not as controversial as some of the other subjects that have been discussed and argued and banned, but nonetheless, there are still a significant number of people including adults, who are disagreeing, or fighting the notion of climate change. Perhaps if teachers can gently educate their students especially the younger ones, this can be conveyed back home. Children can ask their parents questions and maybe some of these parents will start to think more about the real future of our planet. I will have a lot more on this subject, on the subject of school teachers as ambassadors in the effort of understanding climate change, and doing things that lessen the impact of carbon, fossil fuels, gases,coal.

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