Monday, November 21, 2022

Shoreline Relocation Mitigation: an Observation

 One can’t help, but wonder if enough is being done now to plan for onshore, or near shore relocation of homes and businesses. It’s understood that some people don’t want to discuss this subject, especially perhaps people in real estate businesses people that feel like they would be economically sacrificed or harmed by discussions such as what are we going to do about all these houses and businesses that are right on the shore when there’s evidence that in 20 years or maybe less, maybe a little more, the ocean will move in further, and these homes will be at risk. During recent hurricanes, we’ve already seen homes basically falling into the ocean, and we haven’t even begun to see the extreme serious effects of rising oceans. Since flood could be considered to be more of a concern than wind, some building owners have redesigned their homes to lift them up to be able to withstand significant flooding. People who choose to remain on the beach, should consider such measures. But one day even those measures may not work and so hopefully engineers, architects, civil authorities -  others, are thinking about the future and thinking about what could very likely happen. Where will these these dwellings and other buildings be relocated. Even if these efforts were to begin, imagine the time it takes to plan and orchestrate, and to fulfill such a massive project. The effects of climate change are already occurring, especially in some developing and third world countries. 

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