Thursday, November 24, 2022

Trust Issues in America -Observations

 Before we can truly tackle the problem of climate change, we first have to address underlying issues that are needed to be resolved before we can be led to solutions really good solid, widespread solutions, and one of those is trust. Significant loss of trust in each other can only reflect back on the goals that we have, which include making the planet a better place to live now, and in the future. In America and some other countries, the breakdown of trust is evident in number of criminal incidents that occur in public, and that catch people by surprise are described as totally unexpected or described, as never thought it would happen here. The more such incidences,the more the trust between people break down. Climate activists nonetheless continue with the goal of lessening the dangerous effects of climate change even in this social climate in which we need more and more people on the street level to understand their contributions are needed as well. How trust of one another can be increased with the goal of listening effects of climate change will be the subject of future writings here. Hope everyone has a nice holiday however you celebrated you deserve it.

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