Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Turn Vehicles Off For a Moment of Silence-Observations

 Massive actions in which people do things together, or do something in conjunction with each other that is unusual, or even profound is a way to bring attention to a subject like climate change. For example, let’s say in New York City a certain day and time is decided in which everyone who is operating a vehicle will stop safely where they are, and turn their engines off for a full minute. This seems to be a type of concerted, action and effort that can help bring attention to climate change for people who may need a reminder or who are not completely aware of the dangers we face and to show the world and the people in the future that they do care, and we are trying to do things to remedy this serious issue . 

There are many other things people can do to show support for minimizing climate change. Let’s  brainstorm and come back here and share more ideas.

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