Friday, December 2, 2022

Each Day Good Change to Slow Climate Change-Observations

Each day brings a little more hope. World news is filled with activities, events, meetings, innovative ideas all aimed at putting the brakes on climate change. Individuals are learning even their "small" efforts are a link in the gigantic effort to make positive change. This isn't like not voting because you feel the numbers are stacked against you, that your vote really, in the end will not matter. This is different. This is self-satisfaction, pride in knowing you made a conscious effort to do something different in your life that would have some kind of impact on slowing the damage. It might be something as simple as driving less, or installing solar panels on your home, or saving for an electric car. It might be planting trees on your property or volunteering with a group to plant trees in the city. Every positive effort has meaning. It may not be blasted on the front page of newspapers or make the national television news, but it counts and you know you are doing it and your friends and family know and you can feel good about yourself for what you are doing. 

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