Friday, December 2, 2022

Phasing Out Coal

Efforts are underway to phase out coal in numerous countries including the United States, South Africa and China. Since we could not get the USA and China to commit to setting goals to cease coal production, climate activists with the means have plans to eventually stop a large chunk of coal production over the next 30 years. Everyone knows you can't pull a switch and production stops. One of the plans is to buy-out coal plants and commit to early retirement of these facilities. In the meantime, alternative sources of energy are phased in because these people realize the need for the energy, the necessity of providing heat in the winter, especially in countries lacking infrastructure or will to help those in poverty who cannot afford to find alternative means to energy. it is understood there are generations of families and corporations whose lives have depended on coal production. It's like oil - you can't back-out of generational income in a few years: it takes planning and agreement. If you have the money provided by oil, and you have the intelligence on your staff to transition to cleaner energy,   you can do this: you can make the change and not suffer financially. You can look your grandchildren in the face and they will know you care about their future, the future of their children and theirs. This is much bigger than a generation. This is the future of the place we have been allowed to live. This is our collective home and it is as we can all agree only temporary for all of us. our collective conscious must grow stronger and nicer and greener and understanding that we make efforts to leave the house as clean as we possibly can, for those to come after us. In this life most people want to feel good about themselves first, regardless of what others may think. Trying to stop the damage we have already done is a great place to start. It needs the commitment of every person possible. no one is insignificant in this effort, this drive. Let more people admit that coal is not a good thing for Earth, and to understand there is a way to transition away from coal that will benefit all. 

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