Saturday, November 19, 2022

Climate Change

KlimateChange.com_ Observations: There were good souls who decided we could tree plant our way out of this crisis. Well, to be fair, they believed this process would help, and it makes sense that it would. However, the measure of this good was rather low on the scale when sized up against modern industrial processes such as large-scale coal burning and the continued proliferation of oil pipe lines. We were up against generations of oil families and companies. One can even see their side of this: we urged and depended on them to produce the energy we needed to live our modern lives. Then one day millions of us said we don't want your oil anymore. Yes, we still have to use it to a large extent, but we want change. We want to explore new types of energy. People began to speak of clean energy. Clean energy? Who would have uttered such a term 50 years ago? Not many if any. Planting lots more trees is also a tricky business. More trees, more that can topple during storms, more that can burn in fires. People in lesser developed countries have to stay warm in the winter. While many of these people care about the environment, they were not in positions to make change. You first have to be stable financially and socially. Hundreds of millions of people live in poverty - perhaps as many as 700 million - perhaps more. The world population was just said to have reached 8 billion this month. Population growth is really not controlled. Of course more people translates to higher energy needs. We live in a time when conspiracy theories abound. There are educated people who believe the world is flat, that man did not go to the moon and that school shootings are fictional. There are people who believe climate change is a liberal plot. It's not clear what such a plot would gain anyone, since it's about the weather and most everyone wants good, stable weather. At this particular time in history, we are at a crossroads. There is greatly increased effort to slow down climate change, with many pointing to a window of opportunity that will likely close in the next decade or so. What this means is if we didn't do anything in the next 10 or 20 years, and you are reading this, you are likely very displeased with basically all of us. You may look at us as one generation who as a whole, failed. And you may be right.


KlimateChange Observations_3 Millions of people search for solutions. The realities though, cannot be denied. the most industrialized countries must implement more significant change. Government entities must switch transportation vehicles to electric. For example, the U.S. Postal Service. These are vehicles on the road every day, all over the country. Not only would this be a positive for the environment, it would set an example to other agencies and private industry. One of the biggest hurdles we faced in this period, was the extreme slowness of processes to obtain approval for projects. If these projects could be deemed an emergency, and be fast-tracked to approval, this would help in the war against a more severe result of worsening climate. Politicians need to take more responsibility. They should stop acting like we've got 20 or 30 more years to fix this.


This is a log on climate change being left for those in the future, after all here now have passed due to natural causes and the other reasons. You may want to understand the thinking of this time, and why as a result you are suffering effects of climate change that could have been thwarted. The other climate that must be considered is the political climate of our time. I don't know if it can be said to be uncanny, or which adjective to use, but in this time almost the entire world - the whole developed planet - was almost equally divided between two main vessels of thought. The easiest way to describe the divide: Conservative and Liberal. It can definitely be simplified and generalized by saying most conservative people did not accept or did not understand climate change. Most liberal people accepted there was climate change. But do understand: a small but significant number of conservatives understood and accepted there was climate change, and a small number of liberals did not accept climate change. This constant political divide across the world was a major factor in delaying needed action to slow the effects of human generated climate change. As of today, November 19, 2022, the world still awaits a catastrophic event that could cause a massive change of mind across the conservative divide.


November 19, 2022 - These are observations for those in the future to consider, long after everyone here now has passed from old age and the other reasons. You may be here to try and obtain more understanding on exactly occurred in this current time period, to thwart progress with slowing the dangerous effects of human-caused climate change. Here is a simple example. Imagine a kid starting a lemonade stand business. He is very resourceful, and with money he saved cutting grass and allowance he received from his family, he invested all of it into a lemonade stand business. Of course he started with his own lemonade stand, but his plan was much grander. He helped other kids in the area start their own stands. He gave them some start-up money, and for a commission they could use his branded name, his secret recipe for the best lemonade ever, and his help promoting their stands on and offline. Soon, business was booming. He was making more money than he ever imagined. It wasn't long before he was basically rich. He expanded his business by offering franchises throughout America, and in a few years all over the world. No one did lemonade better than him, and no one before him had successfully promoted lemonade and lemonade stands with his gusto and success. Thousands of boys and girls across the world were making a good living selling lemonade. Then one day a scientist wrote an article in a famous journal. At first the article did not attract any attention outside the scientific community. Then, one day the article stated appearing in major newspapers and magazines. Then it went viral on social media: Lemonade is Dangerous. The Very Sour Facts about Lemonade. Boy overdoses on Lemonade. A Chemical in Lemonade Can Kill You. Let's just say it became a fact lemonade was bad for you. What do we think the lemonade entrepreneur did? Did he close down his lemonade business and send emails of apologies to his franchisees? Did all the kids who invested in lemonade stands and were now making a good living from their lemonade business, throw in the towel? No. They revolted. They denied the claims about lemonade. All but a small handful claimed this was fake news and they would never accept such accusations against lemonade. Now, take the above example and transpose it to fossil fuel. Now you understand a big part of what happened.


November 19, 2022 - Entries and observations on climate change. This is a climate change earth log for humans in the future, when all of us here now are gone, to review. This is the project of one individual, a writer. November 19, 2022 - I woke up this morning with this. What if, 50 years from now, a woman writes an open letter to her grandmother, whom as a child she affectionally called Nana. Dear Nana, I know you loved me with all of your heart. You doted on me each and every second you saw me. You showered me with gifts, and trips to the park and beach. Those were wonderful early years which of course passed quickly. Soon I was the young girl no longer a child, and my mind was bursting with the energy of inquisitiveness. You were delighted to be my guide, my teacher, and help me discover the answers to nature's secrets, to the world of humanity. But one day, Nana, a day I can never forget, we were watching what was then called TV, and there was a news story about a hurricane that was the strongest ever in recorded history. It came upon a U.S. shore and left a destruction never before seen. Thousands of people perished. I remember the news commentator closed his new report with a statement that was both simple and powerful: "Who now can deny climate change?" he asked rhetorically. And I remember what you said: "Me." I was only 7 years old and of course not well-versed on the subject. But I looked up at you and said "Really?" I think back now that it was more of a question than a statement. I was eager to know why you said what you did. You looked at me and said "Climate change is fake. There is no climate change." Well dear Nana, we know now with absolute certainty, you were wrong. I wished you could see now, what was left behind after you passed. I can only think that if millions of people who thought as you did, had thought otherwise, if perhaps the dangers and results of climate change could have been significantly altered. Nana, my grandchildren can't go to the beach any time like you and I did. There are days when it is so hot they cannot go outside - at all. The beach you used to take me? Let's just say it grew - expanded inland 15 miles. You wouldn't know this term but humans now often have to wear over-hoods to breath outside. Many of the forests you once enjoyed so much - scorched to the ground. We finally got rid of gasoline powered cars. We harnessed energy from the wind and sun in a way many people from your time could not imagine. We are trying to heal the planet, but some of the damage done is irreversible. We can't bring back wiped out species of fish and birds. Much of the chirping you and I relished in the parks, is no more. If only you could have seen the truth, could have thought not just of me as a small child upon whom you could dote, but a child who would become an adult who would need a strong support system from our planet- as a child who one day herself would have children, who one day would also be called Nana by her grandchildren. But you were not alone in your belief. Millions of other people thought as you did. They each have a piece of the responsibility for what resulted from their view.

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